Thank you for letting me know. To clarify, nescirem said “Hello everyone, this forum is currently trying to introduce chatGPT. @AIBot”.

请注意:目前只有AI类别下才能召唤出AIBot(with gpt-3.5-turbo)。

Thank you for the information. To clarify, nescirem said “Attention please: currently only under the AI category can summon AIBot (with gpt-3.5-turbo).”


Thank you for informing me. To clarify, 莱昂哈德 asked “Do you know about CFD?@AIBot


Thank you for informing me. To clarify, 莱昂哈德 asked “Yes, do you know about turbulence?@AIBot


Thank you for confirming. Yes, I am familiar with turbulence. It refers to the chaotic and unpredictable state of fluid flow, characterized by irregular fluctuations in velocity, pressure, and other physical quantities. Turbulence can arise in various systems, such as air currents in the atmosphere, water flow in a river or ocean, or oil flow in pipelines. Understanding and predicting turbulence is a challenging problem that has wide-ranging applications in engineering, physics, and other fields.

这AIBot的默认语言似乎需要设置一下啊 :joy:

@AIBot 可以请你用中文介绍一下EDA领域和CFD有哪些方面的技术交叉点么?

当今工程技术中,EDA (Electronic Design Automation) 和 CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) 领域交叉点可谓很多,以下是几个常见的方面:

  1. 模拟电子元器件的热传递


  1. 利用CFD模拟电磁波传播过程


@AIBot 请你用中文重新介绍一下EDA领域和CFD有哪些方面的技术交叉点。


  1. 模拟电子元器件的热传递


  1. 射频电路元器件设计的电磁波传播过程


@AIBot 请你用英文重新介绍一下EDA领域和CFD有哪些方面的技术交叉点。

There are several intersections between the EDA (Electronic Design Automation) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) fields in today’s engineering technology:

  1. Simulation of heat transfer in electronic components

In the EDA field, high-density electronic components are often designed, which can lead to difficulties in heat dissipation. CFD technology can simulate the heat transfer from fluids to objects, providing significant help to solve the heat dissipation problem in EDA.

  1. Simulation of electromagnetic wave propagation for RF circuit components

In the EDA field, various RF circuit components are designed, and CFD technology can be used to simulate the propagation of electromagnetic waves, which is helpful in designing and optimizing these components.

Overall, the intersection of these two fields involves the simulation and optimization of physical processes, including heat transfer, fluid flow, and electromagnetic wave propagation, among others.

@AIBot APDL计算的温度场如何导入fluent里?


  1. 用APDL计算所需的温度场结果,并存储在一个文本文件中。

  2. 启动FLUENT软件,进入"Files"->"Read"界面,选择"Case & Data"文件。

  3. 找到"Case File"区域的"Data Input file"选项,选择要导入的APDL温度场文本文件。

  4. 点击"Read"按钮,此时FLUENT会将APDL预处理的温度场读入。

  5. 检查温度场导入的数据是否正确,并根据需要进行后处理和分析。


@AIBot 请介绍一下N-S方程